jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

Het Vonnis. The Verdict

Het Vonnis

Being boring is underrated... Luc Segers a brilliant executive, is expected, decent and dull. A person who at any time has been conducted in society doing and being "right." Your profile is the perfect example. The "cement" the rule of law.

"I've been ignored by (a powerful company) and when they are in the shit, suddenly, love me and show me the money". Are small strokes in the drawing of the protagonist tells the director.

Refuel at a gas station while ignoring his wife is terribly beaten in a service area ... is start the stopwatch of the most tragic events to Luc.

Luc tries to stop the robber-murderer and brutally attacked him unconscious. His little girl who witnesses the scene, leaving the car and is killed in an accident.

At this moment we have a man defeated by the physical and emotional pain. The director Jan Verheyen, music and photography Steve Willaert Frank van Eeden lead us in the emotions of frustration and grief. The resources to tell the film are impeccable.

What I never imagined is that the murderer is released by an administrative error. So it is not punished by the rule of law. Luc, who was exposed to acts of extreme violence, it is told that those facts "did not happen".

In Belgium, every year dozens of people are released or not processed due to procedural errors. Including traffickers, drug, violent crime, sexual offenses ... The problem of "procedural error" was treated by the Franchimont Commision in its proposal for a new Code of Criminal Procedure Law. 2002 This proposal has not yet been debated in Parliament

Obviously any citizen to the pain of such a grave injustice as murder, are "reassuring" knowing that is in a state of law whose aim is to fight crime and punish him. It is essential to understand that the purpose of our taxes serve to protect us.

The film tells us that Europe and its "guarantor justice" in relation to crime is to take the initiative and courage of awakening.

In the judiciary it is part of the prejudice that the law, the prosecution and the victim tend to "abuse" of the defendant. Therefore the offender has such a powerful shield that if you have many resources, including economic, is able to stop and evade justice, giving rise to the worst corruption and judicial adulteration. In short, the judicial guarantor is to provide the "suspect" all kinds of resources and subterfuge to evade justice.

Luc Segers sees that he has been let down by the judicial system, not to punish the offender and not fight crime. Our citizen loses confidence in the contract signed with the State has not been met by being terminated unilaterally.

Luc shoots the murderer, he dies and is stopped. He wants to go all out against the system. Manages to expose weaknesses. An anachronistic situation. "Someone asks you money (State) to take care of you, applying punishment to criminals you'll never run, always you have clean hands asks you to be" good citizen "and do not you dare "take justice into your own hands" ... but if the State fails to ask you for money, good citizenship and "do not take the law into your hand."

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