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Ricki and The Flash

Ricki and the Flash

Suitable only for viewers particularly attracted to the tvmoovies and, incidentally, are unconditional Meryl Streep film. Also for those looking for an innocent entertainment during the 101 minutes it takes the projection in a movie theater. Even for the well-told love, agile cinema, and do not require a great ideological messages tape, perfectly prepared arguments or captivating visual spectacles of intensity. Consuming the rock as the first spiritual food will likely leverage the viewing of this film. Ultimately ¿recommended film? Yes, but only for film buffs profile that we have described.

In principle, anyone is predisposed not to grant credibility to a Meryl Streep turned into rock singer. The years take their toll and one can fear the worst; an actress of 66 years in Hollywood is the closest thing to a retired dinosaur. Yet this initial prevention dissipates shortly after the Streep appear on the first scene. Not only he is cautioned that she has assumed her role perfectly, but that fits her like a glove. In addition, she has had the ability to not be great touches on his face. Unlike other actresses usual operating rooms which, by dint of tweaks, they have come to be hieratic caricatures of themselves, or those others whose lips fall into the category of retreaded sausages, the dignity Streep has stood the test of time .
Perhaps this film being performed by a minor actress, would have been for television broadcast on Saturday afternoons placid. Such is the difference between a great actress and a mediocre actress: the first is capable of lifting light scripts (even excite us hard at times) and make us forget its triviality.
Since the decade began, Meryl Strepp has won as actress and controversial films shot some time ago, and you have been forgiven. We did not like in the distant and Julia (1977), where he was overtaken in his inexperience by Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave. Her career was too easily by each more heartbreaking melodramas (in fact, too heartbreaking). For a time, after seeing Holocaust or Sophie's Choice, it could be thought that he had forgotten to smile. Then came the era of Heartburn (1986) and Ironweed (1987), with Jack Nicholson, equally high voltage drama. That and some other romantic drama. In the late eighties the Streep was typecast in roles cream suffering.
Movies like The Bridges of Madison County (1995) and Out of Africa (1984), were enough to classify her as a great actress. It was only a matter of knowing what she could play any role it is atribuyese. Fortunately, in 1989 she starred in a comedy film. She Devil (1989) was not a great movie but at least showed that she was more scenic melodrama and records the history of tearful love.
Time does not pass in vain and in 2010, Streep turned sixty. Her career seemed declining and, just then, she filmed a difficult film, The Iron Lady (2011) playing Margaret Thatcher. A remarkable biopic. The following year in The Devil Wears Prada is (2012) she showed good understanding with Tommy Lee Jones, forming with it a twilight couple. And then August: Osage County (2013) returning to the drama drenched in alcohol and drugs which she won a new Oscar nomination. As in Mamma mia where her commitment to music was very well received.
Like it or not their work is bound to recognize that this is a great actress who can fill itself a screen.
Jonathan Demme, director of Ricki and the Flash, it only remember him as author of The Silence of the Lambs (1991). He began his career in 1974 and forty years later left no doubts about his expertise in any field when putting together an entertaining movie. Here he has managed to perfectly lead the main couple, Kevin Kline, Meryl Streep and the rest of the cast.
The features of the protagonists, yet be well described, or be completely convincing, they have a certain charm. She plays a mediocre rock that continues to act at night in a small joint, as she occupies the mornings working in a supermarket. There are several songs performed by Meryl Streep that contribute to lengthen a fairly simple plot and reinforce the idea that this is a rock without much future in this music. She sings because cooing help you forget and leave behind their past (especially about children who, upon them light, excessive case never made them). She refuses to terminate his musical career as problematic if that imply recognition of the failure of his life. Kevin Kline is in his role as man divorced and remarried, hardworking and loving parent, reminiscent of the first marriage with Streep as the great love of his life.
The argument is very powerful especially in the field of American culture where it has a tendency to admire anyone who abandons everything to pursue a dream. This aspect is less present in other anthropological fields, especially in the Latin area, where the idea that parents should sacrifice to the utmost for the welfare of the children, giving up projects and personal adventures that may involve neglect in his still present childhood and adolescence. The film maintains its interest and even almost forces the viewer to undermine the evangelical commandment "Judge not lest ye be judged." Is it fair and acceptable Ricki's attitude to her family? Would we do each and every one of us something? Is it worth the abandonment of the family in view of the mediocrity of her musical career? The verdict is up to each of us.
The film has been categorized as drama and comedy in tandem. But it could also fall within the musical. This is the part that certainly like some more. It is not "musical numbers" but performances of The Flash, the rock band that plays classics of the sixties. An average affair of the heroine with the bassist, is the excuse for Rick Springfield, authentic rock eighties, appears in the film strengthening band The Flash accompanying performances by Ricki-Streep. The best of these musical performances, of course, authenticity and vitality that will be well received by lovers of rock.

An almost typical of outdoor cinema or even the drive-summer film. You do not expect much, you be content to entertain, to see a great actress of film, hear some rock and wait for the next production of the Columbia TriStar somewhat less light. And it is that Ricki has covered the quota of light and love movies this summer 2015

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