jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015

The Theory of Everything... My life with Stephen por Jane Hawking,

Oscar Wilde ... "Give a man a mask and he will tell the truth"

The psychological profile of S. Hawking's first wife in the movie "The Theory of Everything”: Boy looking girl and girl looking at boy. During the first months of a relationship a pathological amnesia, prerequisite is experienced from the Stone Age to the rapid procreation ... dinosaurs to shake floor to cerebral stroke, with his steps and the man and woman had to start dancing dancing rabbit in a pis..pas. Such is the chute that the brain has to create fantastic images by showing the other person qualities that do not exist and hide obvious defects. Should there be off work ?.

What she thought, what she felt, Mrs. Jean Wilde when S.Hawking him that he was sick and had to 2 years of life ?... I install in my life crusade against an atheist scientist. Love conquers all and I am so strong that I will for all. At the end of the day that is 2 years: 24 months. Getting married yes or yes ... as if setting in your life recipe his Anglican religion, life expectancy. Meet what is expected of an English pro. Besides the weather was in their favor, it would be only a commitment of 24 months.

Is there mental connection with S.H.? She is always an interpreter, a translator of what SH means, thoughts you disagree. In the movie you see that always has an expression of "poor aihnss!!, wrong is thinking that the nonexistence of God."

Scenes are S.H. playing with her children and her in an angry, contrary and regardless of the happiness of the game attitude. It seems a toxic woman.

What happen? Following the end of the film the story arrives a nurse who can play, laugh, to pass even leaves bare, evocative and exciting Penthouse girls appears. Finally a woman who seems ready to have fun. That then the real story was expanded and disintegrated, that right now I do not do well and I do not seem relevant.

Mrs. Jean, when he can not speak it becomes his interpreter, is his voice, but a voice with music that oozed disbelief, annoyance, resentment and breathe the scent was what I was thinking ... "that heaviness theories have to explain to other people that I have this crazy by her husband. "

One can read a speech, a poem, speaking on behalf of another, but the words have life, create life and that we give life to think they mean. Everything is energy that is embedded or colonized in our hearts as if they were the barnacles Balanus or appearing on the shells of mussels. When you try to cook a good and delicious mussels to clean no way to get those tenants or parasites off. We put on our skin coats, metals, glass, plastics, silks even scars, but we do not see is all the love and pain that has penetrated by innumerable pores of our skin, opening or sealing it to life. The characters in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" The Flying Dutchman, visually explain my theory.

Wife: advancing years and her life is slowing down like a plane landing at an airport with high winds. Suddenly you can not live with S. H. Love has disappeared into the black hole of the eye, the pupil. What is curious is that her drowning in the ocean of His divine vote ... "till death do us part", choose another man who is her mirror. A man broken by the pain of losing his wife, which "took care" to the end of his life. Once a friend told me that couples united by the pain and not for love. It is as if passed between us broken parts of our DNA to form a unit. Therefore, this theory could be part of the mystery of changing partners heal or lead to tragedies no return.

It is curious that the encounter is women seeking men in an atmosphere of scientific students and she's letter. Yes! She remains hopeful that God has a scientific basis to provide the joy of being in the path of the elect ... who believe that God exists. Even dreams that her husband change and scientific confirmation that it has discovered the true theory that God exists. His talks with S. H. is to bring the issue to see how anything in the sea of ​​existentialist theories.

Mrs. Jean and 2nd. Man in your life ... not death knocked on the door.

It is true that the choice is a man who goes to church, her and like her, believe in God and as sad as her. Finally a couple of boring to get into trouble and do not know out of them.

Mrs. Jean was exhausted his titanic work that had no expiry date, so that as he was convinced that SH I was going to die soon proposed to the two men live in the same house for one to take care of the other. S. H. He accepted in principle but in 1990 left with her nurse Elaine Mason, which was discovered as a real controlling, manipulative to the extent that he physically abused, although in the movie appears as refreshing and fun. The truth is we do not know if the shadows of S.Hawking excited him being mistreated in body and soul. It is a secret not revealed to date.

"You never know where the next leap forward ... or who will come"

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