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The Martian

The Martian

Ridley Scott seems to have recovered in recent years his penchant for science fiction. He then rolling 'Alien, the eighth passenger' (1979) and 'Blade Runner' (1982) in a row, he had not returned to the genre until 2012, when he released Prometheus, a film that impressed us strongly therefore performing (a nomination was for best special effects in the editing of the Oscar that year) as the background theme (the coexistence within a small scientific community during the two-year journey to a small planet) . Now, just three years later, he directed "The Martian ', which seems daughter of the same inspiration and promises to go a similar path of success.

Ridley Scott has taken various infallible elements that must be present if what is at issue is to make a successful film that report good profits to the Twentieth Century Fox First of all, you must have a theme that game. In this If a ransom in space; with just this, the show is assured. Secondly, experienced director whose mere signature on a product guarantees and interest from the public. Success seems to go hand in hand with Scott, which accumulates blockbusters from 'Alien' (1979) to 'Exodus' (2014), to' Thelma and Louise '(1991), Gladiator (2000),' Network Lies' (2010) and even today cult titles went almost unnoticed at the time of its release (the aforementioned 'Blade Runner', 1982). Third, a consecrated actors (Matt Damon, in his prime), with upward strokes (Jessica Chastain) or actors SUV (Lristen Wiig and Jeff Daniel, the same can make energetic scientist of "silly very silly" without they fall off the rings).

Finally a nimble script and a soundtrack that fits like a glove in the various scenes will be needed. In this case, screenwriting work has been carried out by Drew Goddard, based on a letter written by Andy Weir where tells how a real trip to Mars would develop novel. The novel can be considered a bestseller and sales justify themselves Twentieth which was interested in buying the rights to make a film. 'Mars' has these four elements, therefore is set to become one of the "films of the year". As for the soundtrack, we can say that it has always occupied an important role in Ridley Scott film location; it is inevitable to remember the compositions of Vangelis accompanying '1492: Conquest of Paradise' (1992), the melody of 'Gladiator' (2000) composed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, and all the musical accompaniment of 'Blade Runner' of equal or better quality than the same film, also it composed by Vangelis. In the case of 'Mars', the soundtrack by David Bowie is particularly energy and stimulant.

Therefore 'The Martian' is a film recommended for three audiences: 1) stalwarts Scott, 2) fans of science fiction and 3) film-lovers show (otherwise indi film). If you do not fall into any of these categories, this film is not for you. Fortunately for the production, most potential viewers answers to any of these characteristics.

Entertaining film, easy to see, visual spectacle, with some touches of humor in the dialogues. A film that is less heavy thing any view, despite the projection and two half hours. What is called "cine-show", in short.

There conspicuous conspiracy theorists who claim that this film is an attempt to generate awareness of the American people's demand for travel to Mars. I'm not sure about that question, but it is absolutely true that whenever the US administration needs to popularize an issue among the population resorts to Hollywood. It is not uncommon that the relationship between the film industry and politics have been close since before the Reagan era. Impossible to forget, moreover, that the golden age of science fiction were the years that preceded the Apollo program to put a man on the moon. If this is the intention of the film, the American taxpayer (in the end is who should pay joke) feel inclined to support a program for the establishment of a Terran base on Mars. Many will be impressed seeing Matt Damon cultivating potatoes on Mars and think that, ultimately, if we have gutted the Earth, it is worth making a second choice to live and equal to are able to transform the red fire of Mars Fuchsia cake around a few decades.

As bright as the direction of Scott were in charge of the costumes and scenic environment in which the film takes place. As in the great productions of fiction films from 2001: A Space Odyssey "(1968), even the smallest details have been taken into account. Spacesuits resemble monkeys of Formula 1 drivers in vogue; the color of the spacecraft seems extracted from the high-tech rooms where German engineering designs its cars, with associated silver gray pristine perfection. The film abounds in shades of orange, coincidentally Look, where- fashion trend for this year (and in the remake of 'Mad Max' [2015] could be seen the same insistence on these color shades, especially in repetitive scenes in which vehicles crashed on the sands of the desert).

If we had to find a precedent for this film, no doubt, we would have on the familiar theme of Robinson Crusoe, so often made into a film (not less than twenty tapes, the last one-, to cite the starring Pierce Brosnan in 1997 and directed by Rod Hardy). The lost astronaut on Mars is a new Robinson: their survival depends on their ability to adapt and his will to live. The even he joked with his situation. Isolated, he will stand, he will not lose the hope to leave this planet as Robinson had confidence to leave their island. In both cases, they will take advantage of his solitude to create a small world. Humor and vitality bouncing spread the protagonist achieve the viewer who appreciate early on the values ​​of tenacity, perseverance and effort.

There is an inevitable question that the viewer almost automatically made when the lights are lit projection room: we are really close to conquer Mars? . We have asked the question and everything suggests that we are quite far from getting to and from Mars. It seems even harder than an expedition of this kind can be performed without first having a stable base to launch rocket on the moon, something that will not be available to any power before 7-10 years. We will have to wait, then, to eat the famous Martian potatoes Matt Damon ...

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