domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

The Ranch 3 Season... Photogenia of the deep America in 2017


On June 15, 2017, Netflix has released the third season of The Ranch. The season is somewhat weighed down as the main theme of the season ("Colt Bennet" [Ashton Kutcher]), makes an ex-girlfriend pregnant while dating a new girlfriend. , On the other hand, increase the data to show the dramatic situation of the cattle sector in the US The father and patriarch of the Bennett enters again in the market of the "divorced of gold", while the mother wants to get rid of the bar (in which, By the way, Conchata Farrell appears, whom we had not seen since the end of Two Men and a Half and Lou Diamond Philips, protagonist of La Bamba [1987]) and so on... 

In the ten episodes there are sufficient brushstrokes between jokes And joke to understand the situation of small towns and ranchers in the US of 2017. We summarize what the spectator will see dispersed throughout these ten installments:

1. Problem of alcoholism: with informality at work, risks of driving in drunkenness, fines and jail terms to the third infraction.

2. Specific livestock problems: an underpaid activity, progressively concentrated in the hands of large management companies, with a disproportionate effort for the few benefits obtained.

3. Children: they are shown as lazy to work, irresponsible, unable to comply with the rules of the companies that hire them. Those who leave the village and return are considered as failures. His irresponsible behavior has negative repercussions on his friends. They are not in a position to inherit the responsibilities entailed by the management of a ranch, neither own nor others.

4. Father figure: some single-parent families appear for generations in which there is no trace of any authority or paternal figure.

5. Health: not even having a good health insurance is a way to get rid of health expenses (simple ultrasound costs $ 250 that no insurance covers).

6. Grandparents must take care of their grandchildren as a result of irresponsibility and lack of maturity of the children.

7. Work in a supermarket: in the series appears a supermarket that mimics the famous and widespread Wallmarts in the USA. They pay little and workers take expired food home

8. Food: the Mediterranean diet is the object of laughs and girls thing, the man of the "deep America" ​​only eats meat, ribeye if possible.

9. Read books: it has become something strange, an object of mockery and excuse to perform some gags. "Colt Bennett" even consistently commits linguistic inaccuracies that are corrected by his girlfriend (High School teacher).

10. Behaviors: adult males, such as the "Bennett brothers" and other protagonists adopt children's behaviors.

11. And politics ?: The father is a Republican in earnest who boasts to have voted for Reagan, makes fun of "Hillary" (although he does not mention Trump) and his best kept secret is that he voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976.

12. Foreign products: mockery about Toyota users and defends the Ford and Chevrolet. France also receives some sting.

13. Women's Rights: Female profiles are extremely demanding in both grandmothers, mothers and daughters.

14. The secret of this series is that under the guise of a sitcom, in reality what we are witnessing is a tragedy: that of the end of the last independent ranchers, the death of a lifestyle that characterized during the century And half to the US and that starts from those prairies traveled by caravans and cattle and that does not resist the new time made of neoliberalism, globalization, mobile telephony and unavoidable networks.

All these are elements that can be scattered in the ten episodes of this third season and appear as winks, between joke and joke, and a situation that is far from ideal and, ultimately, shows a sector Of the American society in crisis that has massively lent its support to Donald Trump in the last elections ...

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